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Shop Dried Flower Basic Craft Bulbs


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Dried Poppy Pods.

Very Special Turkish Dried Bulbs.
Hand-Picked & Finely sorted.
Top of the class DECORATION PODS.
Versatile usage


Dried poppy pod heads: 2.5 kg Value Pack!  (This is equivalent to 5.5 lbs.)

Save big when you buy 2.5 kg 

These special 2.5 kg Value Packs come out to just $465!. Free shipping is now included for all Value Packs of our premium poppy pods! In Stock. Pricing in USD.

These premium dried poppy pods are of the finest quality, and make stunning additions to wreaths, floral arrangements, or potpourri.  Our pods are not treated with any finish or dyes, and are therefore suitable for any project.  They are mostly medium to large in size, and come without stems.

(Wheat stalks not included — shown here as a decorative suggestion only.)

Poppy Buds Quality

These excellent quality untreated dried Poppy pods are great for all craft and decorative needs. Each order will contain a mixture of medium and large, high quality pods, to suit all types of floral arrangements.

The pods are sold by weight and the image is for illustration purposes only. Although shipping to most parts of the USA. We will ship all orders within one working day of receiving them. Dried poppy pods for sale.

Buy Dried Poppy Pods

Add a touch of natural beauty to your crafts with our basic dried craft bulbs. Otherwise these dried bulbs, which come from a variety of flowers, are perfect for adding texture and interest to your projects. Basically our basic dried craft bulbs are carefully selected and packaged to ensure the best quality.

Although they may have some blemishes and imperfections, this does not affect their functionality or potential as a craft material. These bulbs are a budget-friendly option for those looking to add a rustic, organic touch to their projects.

The uses for dried craft bulbs are endless. Use them as a natural embellishment in wreaths and arrangements, or add them to shadow boxes and other mixed media projects for added depth and dimension. You can also use them in potpourris and sachets for a fragrant, natural touch. Eventually try our basic dried craft bulbs today and discover the many ways you can incorporate them into your crafts and home decor.

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175 pcs – 0.5kgs (1.120lbs) 1- pack, 3655 pcs – 1 kgs (3.330lbs) 2- packs, 550 pcs – 1.5kgs (3.300lbs) 3- packs, 730 pcs – 2.0kgs (4.402lbs) 4- packs


Natural, Blue, Green


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