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Experience the bold (nigella pods), savory flavor of dried nigella seeds with our premium-quality product. These tiny, black seeds, also known as black cumin, have been used for centuries in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine. Add them to breads, curries, spice blends, and more for a unique, aromatic twist. Our dried nigella seeds (nigella orientalis dried) are carefully sourced and packaged to ensure freshness and potency. Try some today and discover the versatility of this delicious spice.

Also known as “love in a mist,” Nigella features clusters of natural Stunning green flower pods with deep burgundy stripes running down the side. A fine, lacy net of green vines (evocative of “mist”) surrounds the pods, giving them an eccentric, otherworldly look.

Dried Nigella (Love in a Mist) bunch
Damacena Love-in-a-Mist.  Natural green, with deep burgundy, striped pod.  With a fine, lacy net surrounding the pod.  Packed in 4 oz bunches.

Product: Dried Nigella or Love in a Mist Bunch
Color: Natural Green with burgundy striped pods
Length: Approximately 20-22 inches long
Amount: 4 oz of dried Nigella flower pods
Case Option:  Buy a full case of 15 Nigella bundles and Save Even More!
Other Info: Long lasting (Looks beautiful for years)
All natural farm grown Nigella
Cleaned and naturally dried
Easy centerpieces and Bouquets
Simply elegant “Love in a Mist”

Also called: preserved flowers, preserved flower, dried flowers

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4lbs Bulk Case, 15 Case Bunches, 25 Case Bunches


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