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Dried Poppy Pods -Unwashed Grade B


These Dried Unwashed Poppy Pods  are sourced directly from Farm in the USA and are the finest quality Poppy seeds available on the market. They are unwashed and untreated in any way so they retain their natural flavor and aroma that all of our wonderful customers have come to expect and love from us.

Dried Poppy Pods net weight 6 lbs  these excellent quality dried poppy pods are great for all your decorative arrangements and other needs

Weight = 6lbs

No Additives

High Strength

Organically grown


CExperience the natural beauty and versatility of dried poppy pods unwashed with our unwashed grade B product. Poppy seeds have been used for centuries in cooking and herbal medicine. And our dried pods are a unique and visually stunning way to incorporate them into your recipes and decorations.

Hence our unwashed grade B poppy pods are carefully selected and packaged to ensure the highest quality. They have a slightly lighter color than our grade A pods and may have a few blemishes, but this does not affect their functionality or potential. These pods are a cost-effective option for those looking to add a rustic, natural touch to their dishes or decorations.

The uses for dried poppy pods are endless. Grind them into a fine powder and use them as a natural.  Food coloring or add them whole to baked goods and trail mixes for a crunchy, nutty texture.

Consequently poppy seeds provide antioxidants and traditionally have been used to promote sleep, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain. Nevertheless the pods have a mild sedative effect, and using them in sachets or potpourris can calm the mind and promote relaxation.

Try our unwashed grade B dried poppy pods today and discover the many ways you can incorporate them into your cooking, crafting, and home remedies.


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