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Dried Lotus Flower Pods


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Preserve the shape and beauty of lotus flower pods by drying and dehydrating them. The drying process preserves their delicate, papery texture and natural, muted colors, ranging from soft cream to light brown.

The lotus plant, native to Asia, holds symbolic and cultural significance. Use dried lotus flower pods in dried flower arrangements, crafts and home decor for a beautiful and natural addition to wreaths, garlands, and other decorative items.


Dried lotus flower pods are a versatile and affordable choice for adding a touch of nature to any space. Their unique appearance and texture make them stand out in any arrangement, and their natural, eco-friendly qualities make them a popular choice for sustainable home decor options.

So when paired with other dried flowers and foliage, they add depth and interest to the arrangement. Their delicate beauty and cultural significance make them a must-have for any dried flower enthusiast.

Cultural Significance

They are also believed to have medicinal properties in traditional Chinese medicine, and can be consumed as a tea or boiled and eaten as a snack.

Harvest lotus pods in late summer or early fall, after the flowers have bloomed and the seeds inside have developed.

  • Secondly remove remaining moisture by drying the pods either in the sun or with a dehydrator. This is to to preserve them for later use.


Enjoy the unique, natural beauty of dried lotus flower pods in home decor and craft projects. Use them in floral arrangements, wreaths, and other decorative items for a standout addition to any design.

Experience the potential health benefits of dried lotus pods by using them in traditional Chinese medicine.

Consequently they may help alleviate symptoms of digestive issues such as bloating and constipation. It may strengthen the lungs and improve respiratory function.

Incorporate dried lotus flowers into your home decor, craft projects, and traditional medicine routine for a touch of natural beauty and potential health benefits.


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